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Christ-Centered Motherhood May 13, 2012

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I read this quote this morning and was promptly convicted and encouraged:

I have come to believe that if a woman’s priority is not her relationship with Jesus Christ she will end up with an anemic soul. And women with anemic souls, whether they are single or married, with children or without, will forget or downplay the gospel and thereby not live it out.

I was convicted because I much more often make myself the priority, not that I would say that, because it sounds bad, but that is how I effectively live a lot of the time.

I was encouraged because I regularly have long lists of things that need to be done or ways I need to change and so forth.  And regularly it seems that the list that grows the longest is that of things I am not getting done or ways I am not changing.  And if my righteousness is to be found in such demanding expectations, then I am forever crushed and condemned.  But this post reminded me that there is only one item/person that should really be on my list: Jesus Christ!

The law is summed up in this: “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.”  If this one thing is being pursued, then all else will “fall” into place.  If I am loving Jesus with all of myself, then and only then will I be able to love my neighbor as myself (and I am thinking especially of my roles as wife and mother).

Not that I can muster up such love and devotion on my own.  If I try that, then it’s only me working on a to-do list again and trying to make myself righteous.  My motives are still only about me.  But the glory is that He has done it all!  I don’t need to depend on my own merit (I will only ever be found extremely lacking!) – I come in Christ’s merits!  We love Him because He first loved us! I didn’t merit His love – He loved me when I was an enemy!  And His grace is a free gift to all who come to Him!

So, this is my prayer this morning, this week, this month, this year….that I would love Jesus more.  I pray that He would help me to see more of Himself as I read His Word and pray and that I won’t be able to help but delight in Him more and more.  I pray that I would grow in understanding and being awed by His gospel – that a holy God would love His people so much that He wouldn’t wait for them to come to Him (they never would have done it), but He would become one of them, though a perfect man, and He would own all of their shame and blame and sin on the cross before His Father in their place, die in their place and raise again from the dead as a sign that His sacrifice was accepted, all so that His people could be saved from their sins and have real life in Him!  And I pray that that would trickle over to my relationship with my husband and my children.


Desperately Dependent May 7, 2012

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Rachel Jones writes on the Desiring God blog:

Being dependent isn’t just for mothers living in Africa. The only way to parent is with faith that God is able to keep and hold our children. The only way to parent is to be dependent on his sovereign plan and tender care for them. Dependent on the strength of the everlasting arms to hold us, to hold our children, and to keep us in perfect peace with our minds stayed on Him.

No, brave is not the right word for parents.

Dependent is.

I just thought it was a good reminder that I am not in control (I seem to need this reminder a LOT!)


Parental Amnesia April 3, 2012

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Gloria Furman writes about how we as parents, and especially as moms, easily suffer from parental amnesia.  What is parental amnesia?  She points out two main areas it manifests itself:

  • First, we forget that, Lord-willing, our children will grow up to be adults.
  • Second, we forget that our children are more than just potential adults. They are people made in God’s image and they have eternal souls.

She says, “When the mundane looms larger than eternal life we forget who God is, who we are, and who our children are.”  How sadly true.  And how easily the mundane can loom larger without our gracious God intervening and giving us an eternal, heavenly perspective!

Another quote: “By God’s grace I can resist the temptation to treat my children as interruptions to my will for my life. Instead, God enables me to treat them as precious gifts he is using to shape me into his image according to his will for my life.”

How I need Him to step into my “world” and redeem it for His glory!

Read the entire post here.


Parenting in the Pew March 15, 2012

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As a part of directional parenting, we need to have a vision for shepherding our children into the worship service.  Here is a booklet my husband put together as an encouragement to parents on this topic.

Parenting In the Pew – booklet-1


Building Blocks of Healthy Families March 14, 2012

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My husband has been doing a series on the Building Blocks of Healthy Families, and I wanted to post the links to the sermons here.

Gospel Fluency

Biblical Vision and Priorities

Dynamic Body Life

Healthy Marriages

Directional Parenting (unfortunately, this one may have not been recorded, due to a malfunctioning computer)

Personal Mission (not up yet, so I’ll try to remember to add it when it is available)



Thankful for My “Career” March 12, 2012

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I would echo the author of this post in her assessment of her life as a “stay-at-home-mom”:

God is sovereign and He sets in motion those things He knows are for our good.  I believe He knew it was for my good and the good of my children that I be “just” a regular housewife.  I am lucky to have the freedom to be here in this home, doing what I do.  I hope I never take it for granted.   There are just so many things I would never have been able to do if I’d been working full-time, and I would have missed so much of my children’s lives.  Society tries to tell women we can have it all.  Don’t believe it.

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Purposeful Parenting March 7, 2012

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Tedd Tripp, in Shepherding a Child’s Heart, reminds us of our goal as parents, something that I need to re-reminded of a lot, so I thought others might need it, too.  He says, “One of the most important callings God has given parents is to display the greatness, goodness, and glory of the God for whom they are made.”  Read the entire quote here.