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How to Love Your Pastor March 9, 2012

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My husband is a pastor, and I so appreciate when I see others write about how to love and serve your pastors (since it can seem kind of oddly self-serving for him to preach about that himself). Stephen Altrogge challenges us: “The absolute, most important, best thing you can do for your pastor is to pray for him.”  How can we pray?

  • Pray that he will have spiritual and emotional endurance.
  • Pray that he will have rich fellowship with the Lord.
  • Pray that he will be protected from temptation.  (And, I might add, that he will be humble and quick to confess and repent of his sins.)
  • Pray that he will preach with power.  (Every Saturday evening, my kids and I pray that my husband will be able to worship God as he prepares and as he preaches ad not just be distracted by being in front of others.)
  • I might also add to pray for his family life – he is called to shepherd his family well as a primary qualification for ministry, so you can be sure there will be attacks there!

Read the entire article here and then go and pray!


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