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Dealing with Fussy Children January 13, 2012

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Here is another post by Rachel Jankovic with suggestions for how she and her husband deal with fussy children in their house.  Since I currently have children ages 9, 7, 4 and almost 2, I pretty much can guarantee that I will deal with someone’s fussiness every day (if not several people’s!).  She notes:

Let’s say that I am finishing up the prep for dinner, and some poor little soul lies down on the kitchen rug and launches a fuss. If I just fire off a little “Stop fussing!” what do you think are the chances of it bringing about a change ? Have you by any chance tried this technique? Have you noticed its overwhelming success? This is why fussing is such a total bane in the life of the parent. The more you try to get rid of it that way, the quicker it comes back.The quicker it comes back, the quicker you are ramping up the punishment, and the whole thing can become one heinous monster of a sin snaggle.

Ahhhh, sounds familiar…..  She goes on to suggest one way they have dealt with this in their own children at different times.

She also refers back to an earlier post of hers about dealing with emotions in daughters (she had 4 ages 5 and under at the time).  It is a pretty helpful read, too.



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