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Pressing on towards the finish line

New Perspective for Moms January 5, 2012

Filed under: life,parenting — aswewalktogether @ 10:00 pm

As moms, we can so often lose sight of the big picture for the small pictures all around us.  How can we maintain joy, cheerfulness, delight, and peace day in and day out as our circumstances are continually changing, ebbing and flowing?  This post challenges us to do just this and offers thoughts on what that looks like. And it is mostly about perspective.

Another example of this would be the mess in your house (I trust that you have one). When I focus on the mess, I am aggravated by the things that do not matter at the expense of the people who do. When I consciously refuse to be upset by the side product, I am free to enjoy the people who are messing it up. Giving my own work freely does not just make me a martyr.

Ouch!  How often do I forget to enjoy the actual people in my life because I am so concerned about the product?  Anyway, a good reminder.


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