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Anger and Children January 5, 2012

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I am still processing this article, but I wanted to post a link to it here while I am thinking about it.  It addresses our response as parents to our children and how anger interferes with gospel parenting.

Rick Thomas says that, if I sin against my child in my response to their sin, then the first thing I must do is repent before God and the child I sinned against before anything else can happen:

If you don’t do this, there will be many repercussions:

  • You will have an unresolved sin issue against God.
  • You will have an unresolved sin issue against the other person.
  • You will send a message that your sin does not matter, while theirs does.
  • You will become a stumbling block to the person you sinned against.
  • You will disqualify yourself from being able to disciple the other person.
  • You could tempt the person to become bitter and angry toward you.
  • You will mock the death and resurrection of Christ, by not accessing the cleansing that He offers through humble confession (1 John 1:9).

When you sin in response to sin, but choose to repent rather than ignor your sin, then several good things can occur:

  • God’s favor is on your life because He gives grace to the humble.
  • You are modeling the very thing you want the other person to do, i.e. be humble.
  • You are not mocking the Gospel, but making it very real and practical in your life.
  • You become qualified to disciple the other person.
  • You release the other person to be as open and honest as you are.
  • You’re not compounding the problem by piling your sin onto an already sinful situation.
  • You will be fully reconciled to God and the other person.

We need to respond to our children (and all others!) with the same response we receive from our Lord, which means we need to be continually amazed and awed and humbled by His grace and how His gospel changes us.



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