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What are You Watching? October 14, 2011

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Pastor Rob Flood challenges us to examine our screen habits, from TV to computer, cell phone, ipod,….  He addresses men, specifically, but I think this can also be applied to women and even our children, as we are seeking to direct them in building godly habits now.  He says:

And here it is:  pay attention to what you’re looking at.What you look at consumes time…precious time.  What you look at leaves seeds behind…visual seeds that continue to sprout fruit, even once you’ve turned your eyes away.  This is commonly accepted when it comes to sensual images, but it is much more than that.


The eyes are so often a gateway into the heart.  And, when the heart is yearning for something to distract it, it most often goes to the eyes for an outlet.

Read the entire article here.



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