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Be a Nobody for Jesus! September 29, 2011

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What are our goals and plans for our kids?  How do we help them to be purposeful now with the future in mind?  This article from Desiring God might challenge some of our pre-conceived ideas of what  our children should be aiming for.  Michael Oh writes:

But I believe that Jesus is calling for people to be a nobody for him — people who would forsake the “American dream” to be a part of bringing gospel hope to the nations. People who don’t mind if they are not recognized, respected, praised, or promoted — as long as the name of Jesus is cherished, exalted, and adored. People who understand that Jesus didn’t come to this world and die on a cross so that we could have a comfortable suburban life and enjoy going to our local church’s corporate gathering on Sundays.

Read the entire article here.


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