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Your Child Can Thrive in Public School September 24, 2011

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A book we want to read:

Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School by David and Kelli Pritchard.

Read Tim Challies’ review here.


2 Responses to “Your Child Can Thrive in Public School”

  1. Christina Says:

    I flipped through the book and read most of it in the book store. I liked it a lot, and if one lived in an area where the public schools were good, it could be helpful. But that’s the key point: public schools are SO different, ranging from dangerous (as my friend in Louisville who teaches kindergarden, whose kids discuss sex in class) to wonderful. If this book had one weakness, it would be that I didn’t feel it made distinctions between young children and older children, good school systems & bad ones… Ryan also brought up the amount of home-schooling that the Pritchards advocate and responded “why not just go ahead and home-school them all the way?” We would probably not school our kids in public schools until they are older (high-school), with a firm spiritual foundation, and an academically CHALLENGING (which most public schools are NOT) environment.

  2. I agree about needing to take each child and school into account when deciding on your child’s education. That’s why we are currently homeschooling and pondering what would be best for our family at a later time. We have some families in our church who cannot homeschool or do private school, though, so I was wondering if this book would be an encouragement to them and maybe helpful for them in thinking through how to be wise stewards of their children. Any thoughts, since you’ve looked at t and I haven’t?

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