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Easter Heart Preparation April 23, 2011

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Easter is upon us tomorrow.  Here are some ideas of ways to prepare your hearts for worship of our risen Savior:

A “real-time” listing of what happened each day of the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. 

Daily readings of what happened each day of the week.

Easter week devotionals.

A narrative of the crucifixion available for you to read or listen to.

Our desire is for our kids to grasp what Easter is really about and why we place such a high importance on remembrance at this time.  Here are some ways we have sought to do this (our kids are ages 8 and under):

Resurrection eggs – for the 12 days before Easter, we open open egg each morning, read  the scripture reference and discuss the contents of the egg.  It has been especially helpful for our 3-year old this year. (You can google them and come up with many different configurations of contents.  Ours are: palm branch, money, bread, whip, purple cloth, cross, sign, sponge, nail, spices, stone and the last one empty.)

“Real-time” Easter week readings – we have read what happened each day and discussed it.  Because we also homeschool, I have also had my older kids do their daily writing assignment on what happened each day.

Story Bible readings – We use both the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Big Picture Story Bible, reading what happened each day from Good Friday through Easter.  I think this is especially helpful for our 3-year old, too.

Salt dough tomb – Noelle Piper recommends this in her excellent book, Treasuring God in Your Traditions, and we have done this in previous years.  She also has many other great suggestions for preparing your family’s hearts for Easter.

Easter Story Cookies – You make these on Saturday night, reading the scripture references as you add each ingredient, and then put them in the oven and “seal” the door until Sunday morning.  They can be a pretty neat visual for younger kids.

“Advent” calendar – I am thinking of making something advent-like to use next year, with daily readings for at the least the week leading up to Easter.

**What are some ways you have discovered to prepare your hearts and your children’s hearts for Easter?


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