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No Laundry in Heaven March 11, 2011

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With four children ages 8 and under, my laundry duties are never-ending.  Literally.  I carry up a load of freshly washed, dried and folded clothes to put away, and the basket in our room is already at least half-way full again.  It can seem like such a chore to then put away the clean clothes just so I can load the basket with dirty ones and begin the whole process over again.  I am frequently heard commenting on how laundry is such an exercise in futility.  And don’t get me started in on dusting or washing cloth diapers or picking up toys.

We do all of these things because we were created to image our Creator by exercising dominion and bringing order out of chaos.  It is also nice to live in a clean house and wear clean clothes.  But it is never-ending!

But today, as I was putting away yet another pile of clean clothes, the thought struck me: There is no laundry in heaven!

Now, I have no idea what heaven will really be like, but I do know that futility is a result of the fall and of sin, and there will be no more sin in heaven, so, take hope!  Maybe we will still have laundry and only our attitudes will be changed, I don’t know.  What I do know is that there is a time coming for the people of God when all things futile and frustrating and wearying will come to an end!  Jesus is preparing a perfect place for us!  He will be there and sin will therefore not be!  We are working now to rest then!

So, I can continue to complain about my never-ending chores here, or I can let them remind me daily of the reality that I am but a traveler here on my way to the perfect home.  It does give you a totally different perspective on work here.   What a grace from the Lord to daily wean us from this world and make us long for His home!


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  1. Kate Says:

    I wish there was a “like” button on your blog. 🙂

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