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Pressing on towards the finish line

Dominion March 6, 2011

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I am currently reading Mark Chanski’s book, Manly Dominion, to glean thoughts on raising our son (and our girls, too).  This quote from chapter 3 really stood out to me last night:

Each of us ought daily say, “My King has delivered me from my grave enemy.  He stood as a brass pillar till the last breath was beaten out of his nostrils.  If he so served me, it is my honor and privilege this day to so serve him.  Regardless of the blood, sweat, tears (energy, pride, selfishness) it may cost me, I’ll do my Savior’s will, and seek to grant his every wish, so help me God!”  This is the heartthrob of a mighty man of God; it is the heartthrob of a Christian.

Chanski, Calvary Press Publishing, 2004, p. 35

May we be encouraged to eschew passivity and aggressively seek to glorify God and enjoy Him today!


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