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How Much Do You Value the Word of God? March 3, 2011

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The kids and I watched this video of Christians in South America receiving New Testaments in their own language for the first time.  I honestly could not read all of the subtitles to the kids without crying as I read them.  These people were humbly grateful that God would, in His perfect timing, finally bring His word to them in their own tongue!  One pastor likened his longing and waiting and the fulfillment on that day to Simeon waiting in the temple area for the promised Savior, to hold Him in his arms, before he died. They talked about John saying that The Word was God, that Jesus is the Word, and they prepared to greet the delivery of Bibles as they would greet the King Himself!

It really made us realize how much we take the English Bible for granted.  We have always had it in our lifetimes – our great-grandparents always had it in their lifetime.  Yet here are pastors who had to read it in different languages and then translate every time they wanted to preach it!  Here are people who have memorized significant portions of it so they could hide it in their hearts who were now weeping to actually hold a significant portion of it in their hands, too.

May we be humbly thankful for the grace God has shown to us and may we not take His Word for granted.  And may His word go forth throughout all the earth!


Source: Between Two Worlds


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