As We Walk Together

Pressing on towards the finish line

Pointing Us to Christ September 4, 2010

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Two weeks ago, we began what was to be a simple roofing job on our house.  The roofers came, it was going to take several days, then we would have a beautiful new roof.  However, less than an hour in, it all came crashing down, almost literally.  One of our walls began to separate from the house, the roof was set aside, and dollar signs began to dance in our heads.  We are still waiting to find out how much everything is going to cost while we contemplate all the repairs needed, from new rafters down to  minor cosmetic ones.  It can be very overwhelming, especially as we have already begun to feel crowded in our house (4 kids can make you feel that way!) and now are having to put so much money into it.

Then I read this post on one of the blogs I follow.  May God give me faith to long for Him more, whether in feast or famine!


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