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The Blessing of Saying a Blessing August 16, 2010

Filed under: life — aswewalktogether @ 10:58 pm

We had a very rough morning here.  Lots of whining and grumbling and complaining.  Lots of frustration and opportunity for sin to express itself.  Heart  battles won and lost.  And then we sat down to eat lunch.  As we always do, we bowed our heads while I began to pray a blessing.  And that’s where God broke through.

As I began to pray, I confessed how hard a day we had been having.  How much we had sinned against each other and against Him.  Then it struck me that we were sitting down to a meal that He had provided for us, as He does every meal.  For us.  For we sinners who had spent the morning sinning.  What amazing grace He was showing to us, to provide for us when we had just continued to sin over and over!  And the blessing became more than just a rote tradition at mealtime.  It became a time of real thankfulness and brokenness, of humility over sin and joy over grace.

Our God is that amazingly merciful to us!  May we grow in thankfulness and joy in Him!


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