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Yelling at My Kids August 8, 2010

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And here’s a very helpful article on how real personal change takes place in our hearts and lives.  .

An essential part of our growth and change as a child of God is coming to understand how God uses our daily struggles to bring about change in our hearts and our lives. In the midst of our struggles, we don’t naturally connect the ways we think, feel, and act with our ultimate destination of life in heaven with Christ. It takes the work of the Holy Spirit to help us bridge the gap and connect our struggles to our future in eternity.

Positive personal change takes place when our dream of change lines up with God’s purposes for change. Keeping eternity in view as we go about our daily lives gives us a broader perspective and gives us hope for change in the midst of our difficult situations and relationships.

This article gives a very practical example of how a person can look critically at her own behavior, then with the help of the Holy Spirit, change that behavior for the glory of God.

Read the rest here.


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