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Where Do You Live? July 24, 2010

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Today, my husband and two year old son almost got hit by a car.  They were walking in the crosswalk at our local Target when a car sped right in front of them.  After pulling our son behind him, my husband was close enough to the car as it passed to slap it with his arm.  When he told me about it, my first instinct was to grab my son and hold him close and look at both of them with new eyes.  Our whole lives could have been drastically changed in an instant this morning.  It started out as such an ordinary day and could have ended so differently, but for God’s grace to our family.

Here are thoughts I have had since then:

It started me thinking about God’s grace to us every day.  We have taught our son the catechism question and answer:

Q. Why should you glorify God?  A. Because He made me and takes care of me.  

But how often do we take God’s taking care of us for granted and not even think about it?  If my husband had not told me about their morning,  I probably wouldn’t have even thought of this day as any different than any other day.  And what about all those other days, when I am not even aware of how He has, in His mercy, taken care of me?  The cars that didn’t hit us, the things that didn’t happen, the temptations that He steered us away from…  I pray that today will serve as a reminder to me to give thanks always and to glorify my God because he made me and takes care of me!

This incident also got me to thinking about my priorities.  Earlier this afternoon, I was praying for the Lord to help me to love my husband more, to serve him joyfully and delight in him now, willingly laying down my life for him while the Lord has given him to me.  The same with my son.  There may be times when he really frustrates me or I am just tired of having to be consistent and persevere with him, but I only have him for this time for so long.  Not that I need to live in daily fear of those I love being taken from me (that is not faith!), but it makes me ask the question, “Where am I living?”  Am I living only in this world, with the busyness of daily life and the temptation to indulge myself instead of serving others, or am I living with eyes towards eternity? 
This life is only temporary; its real purpose is to prepare us to be with the Lord for eternity.  Am I living with eyes of faith, seeing eternity in everything I do, from housework to serving my husband to disciplining or teaching my son, to playing with my children….  Am I choosing the “best” over the “good” when options present themselves?  Am I remembering that my training of my children is to fit them for heaven and not just for this world (which should lend itself to much more patience, gentleness, perseverance,…)?  Am I desiring, in all these things, to be made fit for heaven and for those around me to be made so also?  I pray that I may not be distracted by life and so miss the joy of what is real, both now and for eternity! 


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